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Damon’s Boy Who Dies

Sunday, September 23rd, 2007

I think that Damon is warning us, fellow fans, in this op-ed piece.  Seems by reading between the lines we can expect in Lost lots of explosions, death, and an ending that ultimately ties things up.

We saw Jack in the flash forward and I don’t know about you, but I was shouting “No!  Course correction please!”  I want this future to be just a glimpse of what *could* be but that it can be corrected through better choices in the past.  However, after reading this, I’m thinking we are going to see something a little more close to *real* life where the good guy doesn’t always win.  (GG admits here that although I like a happy ending, I am equally as satisfied with an ending that stays true to a story and makes sense).

The Boy Who Died
Published: July 8, 2007
HARRY POTTER must die.

We Americans like closure. No — we need closure.

The Brits have no such hang-ups. They demonstrate almost limitless patience (which explains cricket) when it comes to the rather touchy issue of “resolution.” We Yanks, however, do not want froufrou endings. We want things definitively tied up.

And by “things” I mean lots of people dead. And by “definitively tied up” I mean in excruciating ways that ideally involve lots of gratuitous explosions.

We really like gratuitous explosions. And we like it when characters have pithy catchphrases as the embers rain down on them in slow motion. Like, “You should quit smoking, McCorkle.”

Over here at the TV show “Lost,” we’ve announced our grand finale 48 short episodes from now. Shockingly, the pundits have already announced that they pre-hate it. The prevailing sentiment seems to be that our ending will be either too wacky to make sense or too anticlimactic to have justified the six seasons preceding it.

I am thrilled by this assessment as there is almost certainly nowhere to go but up.

J. K. Rowling finds herself with the opposite problem. Her story and writing have so captivated the world that expectations are through the roof. In fact, it shouldn’t matter how Ms. Rowling executes her final dive, but some people (O.K., I mean me) will judge all that preceded it based on how little splash there is when she hits the water.

Fair? No. But what do you expect from people who like unnecessary explosions and pithy catchphrases?

I read an article recently saying that 80 percent of American poll respondents said they thought Harry wouldn’t survive the final book. As is the case in many polls, there’s probably a degree of wish-fulfillment here. In other words, we want the little bugger to die.

O.K., it wasn’t an article. It was an inset in Us Weekly. This makes my point no less valid.

So why do we want Harry to go to the great Quidditch match in the sky?

The poor kid’s parents were brutally murdered, he spent his childhood in a closet, and every year one of his friends dies. Yet we do not offer him our sympathy. We offer him our bloodlust.

Do we feel sorry for Harry? No. We want him to take a dirt nap.

And that’s because we want to be surprised.

Because if there’s one thing we like more than explosions, it’s surprises. And even though 8 out of 10 of us want him to die, we know in our hearts that he won’t.

And that’s because Ms. Rowling wouldn’t dare.

She can’t whack Harry because there are rules that must be followed when it comes to how one ends a grand mythology. Good triumphs over evil. Hope overcomes despair. Paper covers rock. Harry wins. Voldemort loses. The Ewoks sing.

And this is precisely why Harry has to die.

Because it will be tragic. And emotional. And surprising. But most of all … it will be fair.

When Ms. Rowling first took us by the hand and led us down the path of her story (a brilliant one, I’ve neglected to mention), she boldly titled her first chapter “The Boy Who Lived.”

We come to learn later that Harry has survived an assassination attempt … both his parents had sacrificed their lives to spare his. The most rewarding ending would be one in which he performs a similar act of self-sacrifice. I would just about giggle with glee were I to get to the last chapter (I never peek ahead) and find it titled “The Boy Who Died.”

So yes. Sorry, kiddies. I hope Harry buys the farm. Even though I know he won’t.


Maybe if He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named tossed one final spell at Harry? Like a mega-Avada Kedavra curse that nobody had ever survived? And if Harry, like, did some kinda Matrix-slow-motion move and used his wand to deflect? And then his opponent like totally exploded everywhere into a thousand pieces of reptilian flesh? If, like, Harry blew on the end of his wand and said, “I told you not to curse, Voldemort.”

That’d be fine, too.

Congratulations Terry!

Sunday, September 16th, 2007

You deserved it!

In case you weren’t watching *that* awards show… Terry O’Quinn just won for Best Supporting Actor in a drama. He looked great and is such a class act. He thanked his beautiful wife, gave a shout out to his kids, made a joke and then threw out a thank you to Michael Emerson (who was sitting there looking not-Ben-like at all) and the cast & crew of Lost. I love this guy!

(Will get a pix from that night as soon as one is available)


Couldn’t find any pix of Terry on the red carpet with his wife.  Here are a couple of him and his new friend…
o_quinn_emmy2.jpg  o_quinn_emmy.jpg   award_o_quinn_gallery__288x400.jpg   Click any image to enlarge

Regarding his bright shirt: Why, you ask, did Terry O’Quinn choose a bright pink shirt to go with his black suit on the night he won the television industry’s most notable award?

“Because it’s not white,” the soft-spoken actor said backstage, still visibly affected by the adulation. “They say it takes a brave man to wear hot pink.”

As for keeping his sanity, he credits “the hovering specter of poverty and my wife. You can’t live with the illusion it’s going to last forever. You’re on a good run, you hope it’s going to last.”,0,3733429.htmlstory

His Emmy speech funny: “Sometimes when we’re rolling around in the jungle in the mud, hitting each other and stabbing each other, I wonder what it would be like to bake up a sheet of cookies on Wisteria Lane and get one of their cheques,” O’Quinn said, referring to “Desperate Housewives.”

“Then I think about my castmates and crewmates, and I realize why I have the best job in the world,” said O’Quinn.

Yes, Terry, you certainly do!

Check out this backstage interview.  I’m telling you, this guy is a real class act.

A Few Of My Favorite Things

Friday, September 14th, 2007

Two of my favorite things, wrapped into one… if only…


Thanks to Ponytails For Peri at deviantART.

A Deal He Couldn’t Refuse

Tuesday, September 11th, 2007

I didn’t see this one coming! Say “Bye, Bye” to the only man who aged as slowly as Dick Clark. Apparently Nestor Carbonell, aka Richard, has taken a role on the CBS show “Cane” as somewhat of a mobster type role. When asked, a rep for CBS said that Nestor would “probably not” be able to even do a guest spot on Lost. I guess no flashbacks, forwards, or otherwise!
0001Lost 3 X 160407-tn.jpg Click to enlarge

I hope that they will at least show us where his character goes. I liked this character… as much as you could like the man who helped plan the mass murder of a whole community.

Nestor also has been cast as the mayor of Gotham City in the new Batman movie.

batmanual.jpg Click to enlarge

OK, that pix is not from Batman, it’s from The Tick. But that is our Richard and “Batmanuel” was his character’s name.

New Characters: Season Four

Thursday, September 6th, 2007

I hesitate to get too excited about new characters. Juliet and Naomi = Good. Ken and Barbie = Bad. So bad the producers buried them alive.

Jeff Fahey
jacob.jpg Click to enlarge
This guy *has* to be Jacob. When asked of Damon & Carlton, they said that they had to have him and no other actor would do for the role. *However* I have to second guess myself as during an interview they said that the beard may or may not go…. I can’t imagine that Jacob is shaving up in that cabin so he could just end up being someone from the ship.

Ken Leung
ken_leung.jpg Click to enlarge
I picked this picture because it’s just so cool. This shot is from X-Men 3…maybe one of the only redeeming factors about that movie. *shiver.* Anyway, the producers say his role was written specifically for him and no one else.

Lance Reddick
Lance_Reddick.jpg Click to enlarge
Hello Mr. Creepy Eyes! I guess they were originally looking at this guy for the Mr. Eko part but he was busy at that time.

Rebecca Mader
rebecca_mader.jpgClick to enlarge
*Yawn.* Unless they give her a kick ass role like Juliet this chick looks way too much like the never-ending whiner Shannon and we were lucky enough to have her killed off the show. Maybe she’ll come to the island with a fresh makeup kit for Claire. They can sit in her hut and trade secrets about which boy they like now. Do I sound bitter?

Jeremy Davies
OK, OK, so I picked the picture where he looks like Charlie. Dear departed Charlie. *Sigh.* This guy has lots of pictures out there that are different and that is probably why the producers said he is a “chameleon” which should make for a veeeeery interesting character.

So there you have it, five new confirmed actors on the show. You can read more about them here or a specific article about Jeff Fahey here. I guess this kind of casting should quiet the naysayers who wondered how you could keep a show about people crashed on an island afloat.

And The Award Goes To…

Saturday, September 1st, 2007

I wasn’t going to talk about *that* awards show, but what a choice here!

Best Supporting Actor:

(Click any image to enlarge)




There are three other nominees, but who cares!